ISIS have used social media to wreak havoc in Iraq and Syria, but we can stop them

Originally Published by The Independent: 19 June 2014. Original linked here.

The group’s expert use of Facebook and Twitter has helped fuel their support. The Islamic State in Iraq and ash-Sham (ISIS) has taken control of huge swathes of Iraq and Syria, as well as hundreds of millions of US dollars. Already notorious for their brutal religious extremism, it might come as a surprise that they’re also highly adept at social media.

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Online Right to Be Forgotten: Now We Can All Rewrite History on Google and Facebook

Originally Published by International Business Times: 7 June 2014. Original linked here

Do we, and have we ever had, the right to be forgotten? This is the frenzied question being asked as private sector companies like Google are obliged to implement strategies to comply with the recent EU Commission ruling stating that individuals have the legal right to be forgotten online. Continue reading