Ne limitons pas la liberté d’expression sur Internet

Originally Published by Le Monde: 18 July 2014. Original linked here.

Au cours des dernières semaines et mois, la crainte du développement du terrorisme en Syrie et en Irak, mais aussi en Europe, est devenue une préoccupation croissante. La peur de la prolifération de combattants étrangers qui peuvent retourner dans leur pays d’origine et le cibler en utilisant leurs nouvelles compétences est une réalité.

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Surveillance bill: Fear should never be used to push through new laws

Originally Published by Left Foot Forward: 11 July 2014. Original linked here.

Britain’s widespread surveillance is already broader than the majority of other European countries.

On Wednesday, David Cameron announced that there is an urgent need for the introduction of new surveillance legislation before the end of the parliamentary term, justified as a means of ensuring that UK law enforcement can maintain its ability to access the telecommunications data most important for security forces.

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Online extremism: we need to target causes rather than symptoms

Originally Published by Left Foot Forward: 23 June 2014. Original linked here.

Erasing extremist content and prosecuting foreign fighters won’t be enough.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the jihadist group that has taken control of large areas of central Iraq in recent weeks, seems to be unstoppable in its advance towards Baghdad. However, the success of ISIS is not confined to the battlefield alone, the group seems to be having almost as much success in the social media sphere as it provides regular Twitter updates on its progress.

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