Facebook Ups Fight Against Terrorists, Hate-Mongers: Dr. Erin Saltman tells ‘Post’ how 7,500 reviewers deal with questionable comments from 2 billion users

Originally Published by Jerusalem Post 4 April 2018. By Yonah Jeremy Bob with original linked here.

These are not easy times at Facebook as it faces criticism over the Cambridge Analytica saga and about Russia using the social-media giant to sway public opinion during the 2016 US elections. But there is at least one area where Facebook had faced heavy criticism in the past – from Israel and much of the organized Jewish community – where it seems to have turned the tide.

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Online Right to Be Forgotten: Now We Can All Rewrite History on Google and Facebook

Originally Published by International Business Times: 7 June 2014. Original linked here

Do we, and have we ever had, the right to be forgotten? This is the frenzied question being asked as private sector companies like Google are obliged to implement strategies to comply with the recent EU Commission ruling stating that individuals have the legal right to be forgotten online. Continue reading